ST. PAUL -- State Representative Tim Miller has introduced an anti-abortion bill patterned after the Texas law that's now before the Supreme Court -- with no chance of it passing this session in Minnesota, but hoping it might sway voters decisions on candidates this fall.

The Republican from Prinsburg says the U-S Supreme Court might well give back the states decision-making power on abortion:

"My 'Heartbeat Bill' basically says that there's a human being when a heartbeat is detected. I think that's a fair conversation to have, and we're not having it."

Democratic Representative Tina Liebling from Rochester says:

"Minnesotans should understand this as a warning about what will happen if Republicans are in a position to pass a bill like this -- that they will."

Republicans want to win the governor's office and a majority in the Minnesota House, plus retain control of the state Senate.

This story is courtesy of the Minnesota News Network.  

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