It's almost like the beginning of a bad joke, "A horse tried walking into a jail..." but it indeed happened in Chisago County early Monday morning, and there's photographic proof.

According to a post from the Chisago County Sheriff's Office Facebook Page on Monday morning, an unknown horse tried to gain access to the building through the sally port.

"First, Sandhill Cranes tried reporting a crime at our front lobby yesterday morning (see our previous post). Last night, a horse tried turning himself in on a warrant at our jail sally port. 😂

A local homeowner took possession of the horse for the time being until an owner can be identified. When asked for comment, the horse simply said that he was grateful for the warm amenities offered by CCSO and the friendly service."

The horse was later reunited with its owner after the Sheriff's Office posted a clearer picture of the animal. It does not appear that the owner was ticketed for having a horse at large.

It's great to see a sense of humor from law enforcement, who oftentimes are seen as overly serious individuals.

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