The last couple years I have seen many solar panels being built on farms and in rural areas. Some on individual farms and then some larger solar farms of many acres with a fence around them. A few years ago it seemed windmills and windmill farms were popular. Now you do not see windmills being built, its all solar!

I have never taken the time to check into the economics of solar panels on a farm or having a company take a few acres of my land and build a solar farm. I do know there are federal tax credits plus all Power Coops and Power Companies have some type of solar program for their customers.

They must be a good deal or you would not see all these solar panels being built all over right? I was wondering if there were any unbiased studies or research that had been done on solar energy? Well, reading U of M Extension Educator Claire LaCanne's monthly newsletter some have been done.

There is an online webinar tomorrow June 17, 2020  titled Solar for Farms and Rural Small Businesses. Here is the link  Solar for Farms and Rural Small Businesses that was in Claire's newsletter!

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