The Faribault Diversity Coalition (FDC) today released a statement condemning the killing of George Floyd calling it, "senseless and cruel."  In the statement the FDC calls for, "a more just and inclusive society."

Here is the statement :

"As board members of the Faribault Diversity Coalition. we unequivocally condemn the senseless and cruel death of George Floyd in Minneapolis on May 25.  Floyd's murder, while shocking to many, was an event all too familiar to the black community in the United States, whose communities have experienced first-hand the effects of white supremacy, systematic racism, and police brutality.  We mourn with those who have personally and indirectly been affected by Floyd's death, and we join in calls for a more just and inclusive society."

"While George Floyd's death has prompted protests and social movements around the globe, our goal is to focus on developing unity locally here in Faribault.  In the past, we have worked with people in Faribault across the spectrum of ethnic and racial identities, religious affiliations, and gender orientations who call this community home."

"Faribault has always been multicultural;  Alexander Faribault was French, Canadian, and Dakota; Taopi considered Faribault a friend; Bishop Whipple had a well-known relationship with local First Nations; and we've had decades of new community members arrive from Southeast Asia, Mexico, South America, South Sudan, Somalia, and others."

"Our FDC motto is, "Stronger Together. We Are One."  It is our hope that the events of the past weeks illustrate the need to create a stronger, more united, and just Faribault for everyone."

"Creating a united Faribault requires action; in particular, it will call for education, compassion, and dialogue between the various communities of Faribault.  We seek to serve as a catalyst for those activities."

"Creating real change requires a long-lasting commitment in the months and years ahead.  We hope you'll join us as we continue to offer programs and opportunities to learn and grow together."

At the bottom of the statement by the Faribault Diversity Coalition it is noted:

"The Faribault Diversity Coalition (FDC) works towards this vision by creating a more positive attitude towards diversity and culture, and ensuring greater equity and inclusiveness for all community members."

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