There is a beautiful restaurant located in St. Paul called Forepaugh's. It's a really pretty Victorian mansion that, unfortunately, has a really sad past. Because of the past this restaurant has, many people believe Forepaugh's to be the most haunted restaurant in Minnesota. Sadly, the restaurant is now permanently closed, so we will never be able to go experience the hauntings ourselves.

Many different websites have talked about Forepaugh's like Minnesota Haunted Houses, Haunted Rooms, and Only in Your State. Both Haunted Rooms and Only in Your State label Forepaugh's as the most haunted restaurant in the entire state of Minnesota.

Like I said, the restaurant has a really sad past. The original owner, Joseph Forepaugh, was having an affair with the maid, Molly. Allegedly, Joseph's wife, Mary, caught Joseph and Molly together once. Mary decided to end her marriage with Joseph. Joseph was heartbroken and decided to take his own life. Molly was so heartbroken over Joseph taking his life that she did the same.

It is said that Joseph and Molly both haunt Forepaugh's, but many guests have said Molly is the most active. People say they have seen the two walking around the dining areas, but Molly bangs on walls, smash glasses, and some people say they can smell her lavender perfume. Haunted Rooms says that Molly is typically most active around Halloween because that was her favorite time of year when she was alive.

Forepaugh's closed in March of 2019.

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