Father's Day is coming up this Sunday (this is your reminder!). Now is the perfect time of year for WalletHub to release this study: Which states are the best and worst for working dads.

To figure out this ranking, WalletHub looked a few different factors in all 50 states plus Washington D.C. to figure out which are the best and which are the worst for working dads. Here are the factors they took into consideration:

Average length of workday
Child-care costs
How many men are in good or better health
Average male life expectancy
How many have insurance
Median family income

After evaluating these factors, Minnesota came in at number 2, one of the best states for working dads! Not too bad!

Minnesota was actually ranked as the second-best for the highest median family income, right behind D.C. We also got fifth for the lowest number of males who are uninsured. And here's the best one, Minnesota got first place for the highest men's life expectancy!

Here are the top 10 states for working dads according to WalletHub:

10. Vermont
9. North Dakota
8. Iowa
7. New Hampshire
6. Rhode Island
5. New Jersey
4. D.C.
3. Connecticut
2. Minnesota
1. Massachusetts

And these are the 10 worst states for working dads according to WalletHub:

42. Arizona
43. Oklahoma
44. Nevada
45. South Carolina
46. Idaho
47. Alabama
48. West Virginia
49. Louisiana
50. Mississippi
51. New Mexico

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