You do probably do it every day, yet if you're like most Minnesotans, there are most likely several things you're doing wrong when you take a shower.

If you're like me, you're still half asleep when you walk into the bathroom and get into the shower. But the gang over at Self Magazine did some research and found there are about five things we're all doing WRONG when it comes to taking a shower.

The first is one I'm totally guilty of doing wrong: Taking a shower that's too hot. The story says that a lukewarm shower (about the temperature of a heated swimming pool) is actually better for you because a really hot shower strips your skin of natural oils, which then wicks away too much moisture from your skin. I'm trying to get better at this, and it's way easier to take a cool shower during our hot, humid summer. But in the middle of winter when it's below zero outside? I'm all about a hot shower!

Another mistake we make when showering is leaving that loofah in the shower. That's wrong, the story says, because it never really dries out-- and a wet loofah is a great breeding place for bacteria to develop. Which you then spread all over yourself when you get back in the shower the next day. Yuck! It says we should make sure any loofah is completely dry and bleached regularly. (Okay, I can make sure it dries out-- but who here has bleached their loofah?)

Using the same washcloth (if you use them, that is) day after day does essentially the same thing, and is another thing we do wrong in the shower. Other things we do wrong include showering too often (more than 2 times a day can really dry out your skin, it says-- but if you need a shower after a workout, make it a quick one); using products with irritating ingredients; and over-doing it with the scrubbing.

You can read the entire story about other things we do wrong in the shower HERE.

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