My guest on today's AM Minnesota program was Agronomist with Pioneer Jay Zielske. I did not get the program confirmed until this morning leaving very little time to let farmers know. So, I wanted to get the program recorded and posted on out web site so you could listen to Jay's advice on dealing with this springs wet weather at your leisure. We discussed many tough decisions farmers will have to make because of the delayed planting.

Some of those topics include planting corn into early June, hybrid maturities, yield potential, and weed control. Many of the weeds are getting to the point depending on when we get back into the field that you will have to consider a burn down herbicide application. Jay said otherwise all you may do is transplant the weeds.

We also discussed how much soybean yield potential has been lost so far, when should you consider changing to an earlier or shorter season variety and weed control. Looking at the forecast there is a chance of light showers until Wednesday. Thursday through Monday looks really nice with sunshine and temperatures in the 70's through Monday. Maybe it will be enough sunny warm days in a row that we can get back in the field.

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