The weather on Memorial Day was definitely not great. Tornadoes in some parts of the state, a bunch of rain in others. But Shelly Swendsen of Rochester planned ahead!

Her dad, Leon Swendsen, is a 104-year-old WWII veteran. KTTC writes that he wasn't doing well and she wanted to make sure he got a Memorial Day parade, whether it was on the day or not.

Because the weather was looking pretty grim, she talked to a neighborhood friend, Susie Im, to ask if Susie's kids would mind doing a little parade on their bikes that day (Sunday). Shelly knew her and her dad would be sitting out in the driveway so she planned with Susie when the parade could happen.

Susie went above and beyond and got a bunch of the neighborhood kids to do this bike parade together on Sunday. They decorated their bikes and wore patriotic clothing. There was also a young violinist from the neighborhood who played patriotic music.

Shelly told KTTC, “'They all came up to my dad and shook his hand. That meant a lot to my dad. Here we are, down to two-year-olds wanting to see a WWII vet.'”


Source: KTTC


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