It is a little bit on the chilly side right now but there are a lot of reasons to be thankful for the amazing state of Minnesota.  Which one of these is the top of your list?

10 Reasons To Be Thankful You Live In Minnesota

  1. Medical Care - the one and only Mayo Clinic is just minutes away for many of us.  
  2. No tax on clothing!  When the price tag says $9.99 for a shirt, it is actually $9.99.  People drive to Minnesota just to shop here (and we also have one of the biggest malls in all of America to help with that shopping habit).
  3. Streets are cleared pretty fast in the winter - our road crews sometimes are up all night working hard so we have roads that are safer.  
  4. Lakes, lakes, and more lakes!  There are 10,000 reasons right there.
  5. Community.  So many places that are set up for concerts, meeting places for groups, great zoos and libraries...and so many nonprofits that are ready to serve and help.
  6. Family-friendly place to live.  People holding doors open for you, smiles, "hello"...Minnesota Nice is a real thing.  Goodness, people even let you go first at stop signs even when it is their turn.  ;)  
  7. Mixture between city and country life.  The trees, rivers, lakes, streams make up an amazing landscape in this great state.  There are several big cities you can live in but if you want the feel of the country, just drive a few minutes out and BAM! you are there.  
  8. Lots of great, local restaurants!  We've got the chains but we also have some amazing local restaurants - and more are opening up every day!  
  9. 4 seasons.  We definitely have winter covered but our Spring, Summer, and Fall are all gorgeous as well.  I wouldn't mind a few more days of just 70-degree weather with no mosquitos but that might just be me.
  10.  The Teams!  Twins, Vikings, Timberwolves, Wild, Lynx, St. Paul Saints, Gophers, North Stars, United...just to name a few.

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