Sitting down and devouring that traditional Thanksgiving Day turkey dinner won't hit you so hard in your checking account this year.


That's the word from the American Farm Bureau's annual survey of the cost involved in serving Thanksgiving Dinner. 2018 marks the 33rd year the AFB has been researching the costs of a turkey dinner with all the trimmings, and this year's survey shows costs here in Minnesota will be down for the third straight year.

So what will it run you this year? Well, according to the AFB survey, the costs are surprisingly low. "The average cost of this year’s feast for 10 people is $48.90, or less than $5.00 per person," the AFB said. Which is down 22-cents from last year’s average price of $49.12.

That seems pretty low to me. So what's included? The AFB survey included turkey, stuffing, sweet potatoes, rolls with butter, peas, cranberries, a veggie tray, pumpkin pie with whipped cream, and coffee and milk, all in quantities sufficient to serve a family of 10 with plenty for leftovers, the story noted.

So that, along with the savings we're all pocketing thanks to those lower gas prices (which have dipped between 15 and 18 cents a gallon in the last week or so) means it won't cost us quite as much to head over the river and through the woods this Thanksgiving.

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