Our daughter Laura and son in law live in Lakeville but it seems more like Northern Minnesota. There are a number of big pine trees and other species on their lot. Even though they live in the Metro area at is amazing the wildlife I have seen at their house. I have seen four deer walk right in front of their living room picture window, I have seen a wild tom turkey and three hens, and today a red fox!

These "wild" animals are not very wild. In fact they are almost tame wild animals. I have walked outside and they just stand there and look at me! I guess they do not see me as a threat? There is a busy four lane divided street in front Laura and Mike's house so these animals must be street smart or they would have been run over long ago. I did get a chuckle about what this red fox was doing on one of their trees! I have seen dogs raise a back leg and do this on a tree but never before a red fox!


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