Winning $1,000 is not like winning a million dollars, it's not enough to quit your job, buy a mansion, or make outlandish purchases. But, $1,000 is still a decent chunk of money that allows you a million different ways to spend it. Right now you can win $1,000 with KDHL, so I've put together a handy list of fun ways to spend a quick grand!

1.) You could upgrade your hobby. Maybe you have been eyeing some new golf clubs, a rifle, or fishing gear.

2.) A road trip! Grab a couple of people, fill the gas tank, and head on a little adventure. You could easily cover a few nights hotel stay and spending cash.

3.) Wish you could see more live music? $1,000 would either buy you a couple of front row tickets to one or two shows, or tickets to a lot of concerts with average seats.

4.) If you're a thrill seeker, skydiving is sure to give you a rush.

5.) Throw a heck of a party for your friends. Rent a bowling alley, hire a DJ, ride around in a limo -- there are a ton of fun ways to have a good time with friends.

6.) Shopping spree. You could overhaul your wardrobe, or you could get a couple of expensive bags or boots if that's what you're into.

7.) Pamper yourself. Feeling stressed? A year's worth of massages would probably help.

8.) While $1,000 won't buy you a new car off of the lot, it is enough to rent a nice car for a few days.

9.) Work on that forgotten New Year's resolution by getting a gym membership and hiring a personal trainer.

10.) Feeling lucky? Purchase 1,000 $1 lottery tickets!

There are countless ways to spend $1,000, and you have a chance to win! Check here or here for details, and listen each day to KDHL and Power 96 for the code words!

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