Some people are spenders, some people are savers, and if the idea of winning $1,000 has you thinking about being fiscally responsible, I've got a few ideas on smart ways to use that grand.

1. Whether you have credit cards or student loans, most people have some debt. Put that $1,000 toward what you owe.

2. Have a few home repairs that you have been putting off? $1,000 isn't enough to renovate, but it is enough to have a few repairs done.

3. Hate lugging your laundry to the laundromat? A new washer and dryer would be a great way to spend $1,000.

4. Furniture can be really expensive, so if you're ready to upgrade that old college futon, hand-me-down table, or have a past-its-peak mattress, then that might be a great investment.

5. Old cars and new cars alike can run into problems, an extra $1,000 might be a great time for a tune up or new tires.

6. Invest in yourself. If there is a class certification you have been wanting, or might advance your goals, $1,000 toward that cost might be $1,000 well spent.

7. Gas money. Filling up the tank can be expensive, and knowing you have your commuting expenses covered would be a great feeling.

8. Plan for the future by hiring a financial planner to go over the best route for you or working with a professional to create a will.

9. Put it in your retirement savings account.

10. Save it for a rainy day or emergency fund.

There are 1,000 ways that you could spend $1,000 dollars, and right now, there is a way you could win $1,000. Find details here and here, and listen to KDHL and Power 96 for the daily code words.

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