Don't miss our Hands On History at the Rice County Fair segments this week at 1:10pm from the Rice County Fair.  We talk about various happenings sponsored by the Rice County Historical Society Museum sponsored by Fox Video Productions. A Third Free Act Stage was added to the east end of the Fairgrounds and on Senior Spotlight Day Thursday Schell's Hobo Band will perform at 6:30pm.  The Senior Spotlight on the Bruce Sellner Memorial Midway stage will be the place to be at 1pm for the announcement of this year's Outstanding Senior Citizen Award.  Golf cart rides are available from your vehicle. There will be a Senior Spelling Bee and special Euchre Tournament.  Special Bingo Games will be played and there will be special Senior Spotlight prices at food booths.  Jerry Hatfield performs at 2pm on the Midway Stage and Theatre of Fools is on the Cannon Stage at 4 and 6pm.  The Whitesidewalls will be on the Midway Stage from 6-10pm.  Did you know the average life expectancy in the United States in 1900 was 47 years of age and in 2012 it was 78.7.  That means if I were alive at my age in 1900 I would be a very old man. Save the wisecracks please!  The Chinese lad in the picture is visiting Shattuck to brush up on his English and said "I'm hungry" pretty well at the Fair!