The Goodhue County Public Health Department released the latest COVID-19 case numbers by city showing Cannon Falls no longers leads the county in cases.  The county's largest community, Red Wing has 29% of the cases, Cannon Falls is second with 23%.

Surpassing Kenyon is Zumbrota with 11%, Kenyon and Pine Island each have 10%, Welch 6%, Goodhue 5%, Wanamingo 4%, Lake City and Dennison 1%.

Welch leads Goodhue County in cases per capita.  Followed by Cannon Falls, Kenyon, Goodhue and Dennison in the top five.

The median age of COVID-19 positives is following a statewide trend of getting younger with the average age as of August 27, 2020 being 40.  In May the average age was 53.5, June 47.9, July 42.

51% of Goodhue County COVID-19 cases are female, 49% male.

The county COVID-19 cases by exposure table shows, "Known Contact with a Positive Case" accounts for 28% of the Goodhue County cases.  "Community no known contacts with a positive case" is 20%.  "Long term care staff or resident" 18%, travel 13%,    "Unknown" 8%, "Community Outbreak" 6%, Health Care Staff 5%, Corrections Staff or Prisoner 2%.

A note on Long-Term Care Facilities and Corrections:  exposure is defined as a person diagnosed with COVID-19 who worked or lived at a facility while they were contagious.  Facilities with less than 10 residents will not be listed publicly due to privacy.

The total number of laboratory tests conducted is 13,075 with the positive percentage 1.9% countywide.  According to the chart those numbers are from August 20th.

The total number of lab confirmed positive cases Thursday is 249 with 36 active cases.  204 patients no longer need to be isolated.  A total of 14 have been hospitalized with 5 people sick enough to require intensive care.  Currently there are no Goodhue County residents in the hospital.

There have been 9 deaths from COVID-19 in Goodhue County.

The Goodhue County COVID-19 Hotline is 651-385-2000.  Available Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.


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