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A family in Savage, MN recently received a hateful letter directed at their 8-year-old daughter who has a rare genetic disorder. Now the family is using this horrible letter to hopefully educate others.

8-year-old Aubrey has a rare genetic disorder called Cornelia De Lange syndrome. KARE 11 writes that this means Aubrey is "petite compared to other 8-year-olds, and leaves her struggling to understand social cues." But she is a very happy and upbeat girl. Her parents, Brooke and Travis say that Aubrey is very friendly. "'It doesn't matter if you're a stranger, she walks right up to you she says hi. Everyone who walks by our street she says hi.'"

Regardless of how kind Aubrey is, sadly she was still a target of hate. When her parents got the letter they thought maybe it was a birthday invite or something like that. But there was no return address, which they thought was weird. The letter read the following:

Keep your re****** girl home from school. Kids think she is mean.

At first, Brooke and Travis weren't sure if it was a joke, but eventually, they realized none one would make a joke about something like that. They said to KARE 11 "it's a blessing in disguise that Aubrey doesn't understand the situation."

Brooke and Travis are hoping to use this letter to remind other parents to educate their kids about being kind to others and "'about people who might be a little different'" before returning to school.

Aubrey will return to school in the fall. KARE 11 says the police and school district are aware of the situation in case something further happens.

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