Just a friendly reminder for all you Minnesotans, do not harvest wild ginseng before September 1st or you could be facing some serious trouble!

South Korean Farmers Rely On Ginseng
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According to the Minnesota DNR weekly report, a Rochester individual is facing disciplinary actions for admitting to illegally harvesting ginseng before the September 1st harvest date. Minnesota Administrative Rule (Chapter 6282.0100) states that ginseng harvesting season starts September 1st and goes through December 31st. It is illegal is dig, possess or sell green ginseng before this time frame. By law, wild ginseng plants may not be harvested unless they possess three or more true leaves (sometimes called "prongs").

At one time, ginseng was abundant in the Land of 10,000 lakes but is now labelled as a species of special concern according to the Minnesota DNR. To see the guidelines on how to correctly harvest ginseng, you can check out the Minnesota DNR website by clicking here!

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