Your dog or cat could be crowned the Lake Superior Ice Festival King or Queen this month! It's all part of a fun contest that also benefits the Douglas County Humane Society. Why not enter your pet into the contest? They could be featured in the coronation on Saturday, January 29 at Barkers Island.

Clint Austin
Clint Austin

How The Contest Works

You need to enter online for a fee of $5 per entrant before January 20. You'll then be asked to submit up to three pictures of your pet that displays their fanciest side. You'll then have to answer some "paw-some"' questions to help the community vote for this years Canine King & Queen, and the winning Felines of the Festival.

Community Based Voting

From January 21-24 the community will vote for their favorite pet by donating $1 per vote. Funds raised through the voting process will go directly to the Humane Society of Douglas County.

One male and one female of both categories of dogs & cats will be named the winner. If your dog is named the winner it is expected for you and your dog to attend the coronation event. Cats are not expected to brave the cold, but their owners are more than welcome to attend the ceremony that takes place on Saturday, January 29 at 1:15pm at Barkers Island.

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Donations Appreciated & Needed

The Humane Society of Douglas County uses donations to help fund the shelter and provide essential care to homeless, lost, and abandoned animals in Douglas County.

All Part Of A Free, Fun Weekend For Whole Family

The Lake Superior Ice Festival is a free event open to everyone. There are ice sculptures, a snow slide, hay rides, ice skating, fire twirlers, fireworks, arts, crafts, ice racing, and so much more happening. There's really something for everyone! Mark your calendar for January 28 & 29!

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