The moose is Minnesota's largest wild animal and you can check out a herd of moose crossing a Minnesota Highway in what is probably one of the most Minnesota videos I've ever seen.

A moose is the largest member of the deer family and can get up to an average of 1,000 pounds, according to the DNR. In an article from the DNT, the state's moose population is about 3, 150 in 2020 which is a continuation of a low population over the last several years.

I have never seen a moose in person, but I've always been fascinated by the large, majestic animals. Coincidently, my aunt was nicknamed "moose" by my dad and uncle when they were growing up. Apparently when they played football with the neighborhood kids, my aunt would always run everyone over so they called her moose. She still goes by the nickname to this day and constantly gets moose gifts for her birthdays.

The Minnesota accent literally jumps out of the screen in this video of four moose crossing Highway 1. I'm not exactly sure where the video was taken, but Highway 1 stretches up North from North Dakota to Thief River Falls, to all the way to Lake Superior.

From "holy cow" to "stay on der road just", you really can't get more Minnesotan and I absolutely love how the surprised the two people sound. Check it out below:

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