I first thought this was a joke when I saw it online. An environmental conservation organization called Howling For Moose Minnesota recently shared a message that asks motorists to not let moose lick their car. Is this really a problem?

Yep, it is really a problem in places where we have moose like here in Northern Minnesota. The large animals will approach vehicles and then lick the road salt off of the car. This could seem harmless, but there are some good reasons why you shouldn't let it happen. Officials in Alberta Canada have had to issue the same message.

First, allowing moose to lick your vehicle will further increase the likelihood of them returning to the highway. Moose and vehicle collisions are not good, so doing anything that will encourage them to come back to the road is a bad idea.

Also, moose are strong, powerful animals. You really shouldn't get too close to them anyway, so officials say your best bet is to keep your distance and not let them approach your car.

And, don't forget what you learned as a kid. Don't lick the frost off a flagpole when it's cold. Your tongue is going to stick to the metal.

The same thing can happen with a moose tongue on your car. Imagine what that would be like if a huge animal was irritated after having its tongue stuck to your car. Yikes.

So if you find yourself lucky enough to see a moose in real life, keep your distance. Stay plenty of distance away, and enjoy the majestic view. I've seen a couple of moose in my life and it really is a cool thing to experience.

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