$20,000 to be Busch Beer's, Chief Tasting Officer? I mean, what dog wouldn't want to do that?!

Okay, the $20,000 probably doesn't mean much to the dog, but the 10 4-packs of Busch Dog Brew and the pet insurance you also win will mean A LOT to your furry friend.

That is right, Busch Beer is looking for their next CTO and it could be your dog...see their video below via their YouTube page.

Busch Beer first released 'Dog Brew by Busch' in 2020 and they sold out in a day, the popular brew for Busch Beer lovers and their dogs and turned them to see if they can get a new CTO out of the deal.

You can also check out Bush Beer's Twitter page to get the full details on how you can get entered in (or apply?) or the new position.

Now, I wasn't able to get my hands on any Dog Brew the first time it came around (my wife also said we probably shouldn't feed that to our dog since she has a sensitive stomach) She's probably right, but I am a big fan of Busch Lite, so it was really hard to pass up on the opportunity to share a brew with my dog!

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So what are you waiting for? Enter in and your dog could be making $20,000 as Busch Beer's new CTO.

Now, if you don't have a dog, don't worry! You can still score up to $10,000 when you win cash with our station. Check out how you can win! 

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