The State of Wisconsin's Supreme Court has ruled on Wednesday that the Governor cannot limit capacities in bars, restaurants, and other venues without legislative approval. While there hasn't been a capacity limit since October, this ruling from the court says that Democratic Governor Tony Evers acted illegally in issuing capacity limits for businesses last spring.

The decision was 4-3 against Evers. The lawsuit was brought by an Amery Bar, The Wisconsin Bar & Tavern League, and Pro Life Wisconsin according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. The Tavern league dropped out of the lawsuit after losing in a lower court ruling.

The Democratic Governor has faced tough opposition to any of his orders to stem the spread of COVID-19 from Republican Legislatures. This with earlier rulings will make it near impossible for him to enact any further stay at home orders, mask mandates, or other emergency orders without getting approval from the legislation.

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Just two weeks ago on March 31, the Wisconsin Supreme Court said Evers did not have the power to issue and extend health emergencies without approval from the legislature. That ruling ended the Governor's statewide mask mandate, but many local communities and businesses still require them.

Meanwhile here in the Twin Ports, Superior still has a mask mandate. Across the bridge, Minnesota Governor Tim Walz has not faced the same level of fight from his legislation. Minnesota still has some restrictions on capacities, although recently they have been relaxed somewhat.

Wisconsin currently has 11,778 new cases in the last 14 days. Douglas County has seen 178 new cases in the last 14 days.

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