You can tell that Spring is coming as the popularly decisive (people either love them, or they hate them) candy PEEPS are popping up across the nation. This year you'll be surprised to know that the makers behind the marshmallowy treat Just Born, Inc. have introduced some new flavors this year including Hot Tamales flavored peeps that are Cinnamon flavored. You can see what other flavors have been released to 'spice' up your spring below. 

New PEEPS flavors this spring will include the aforementioned Hot Tamales which the PEEPS website states "a sizzlin’ sweet that combines a spicy cinnamon flavor with fluffy marshmallow!"

Also, new this year will be Root Beer Float, Chocolate Pudding, Froot Loops, Raspberry dipped in Fudge Creme, Strawberry dipped in Fudge Creme, mini individually wrapped peeps for your Easter egg hunts and PEEPS Jelly Beans. See all the PEEPS flavors and products here. 

Of all the flavors that are coming out this year the one that stood out the most to me was the Hot Tamales flavor. I reached out to BIG PEEP, aka Just Born, Inc out of Bethlehem Pennsylvania as when I went to their product finder, aka PEEPS finder, nowhere in Minnesota had the Hot Tamales flavor. That to me is a HUGE bummer!

Image Credit: TSM/Paul Shea
Image Credit: TSM/Paul Shea
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