I'm not sure how this guy kept performing, I would have been freaking out if this happened to me! The hair of the lead singer of a Minnesota-based cover band caught fire while he was on stage one year ago.

The band is a classic rock cover band called Hairball. Lead singer, Bobby Jensen was performing 'Detriot Rock City' on stage in Sioux City, IA when his hair caught fire! And yet he kept performing the rest of the song! How?!

If you've never seen this video check it out:

Seriously, how did he keep going after that? There's no way you wouldn't know that your hair was literally on fire.

Bobby did an interview with Ultimate Classic Rock after the incident a year ago and he said that it was his actual hair that caught on fire, he wasn't wearing a wig. It freaks me out even thinking about having my hair catch on fire!

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