This is such a heart warming story and it immediately brought tears to my eyes.

Footage from a door bell camera, at a Rhode Island house, shows what seems to be just a normal pizza delivery. It's a normal thing, something most of us encounter all the time. It became so much more.

Ryan Catterson was doing his job and delivered a pizza to the Sheely home. After a typical thank you and goodnight, Lindsay Sheely's 2-year old son ran out to give the man a hug. It was something small, but yet was SO BIG.

It turns out, Ryan's 16-year old daughter had passed away recently and it was as if this little boy could sense he needed something...and in a child's mind, that something was a simple hug.


That hug went long way.

I had been telling my kids how much I needed hugs ... then that sweet little boy gave me one. It was almost as if the universe or my daughter had known and sent it to me.


This should be a reminder to us that we never know what someone might be going  through at any given moment. And that something "small" like a smile, or a kind or encouraging word or even a simple hug can make someone's day more than you can possibly know.

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