Starting May 11th new Wisconsin drivers, 16 or 17 years old, have the option to waive their road test as long as they meet other requirements. The announcement was made on the Wisconsin Department of Transportation social media.

The only way the teen would be able to skip the road test and still be able to get a license is "if they've completed drivers training and met all the other requirements," according to KARE 11.

Wisconsin Department of Transportation Secretary-designee Craig Thompson emphasized the fact that road tests are not going away completely, it's only a temporary fix due to the impact by the Coronavirus.

For me personally, I understand why they're choosing to do this because there are already too many people trying to take a road test and not enough time slots to do it. Then you throw in the fact that they're not able to do any tests right now because of the Coronavirus! But on the other hand, I feel like the road test is just such an important part of getting your license. I'm so conflicted about this decision!

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