UNDATED (WJON News) -- Spring and early summer are the prime time of year to encounter wild animals in Minnesota. Most creatures are giving birth and subsequently raising their young to go off on their own.

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources says it's not uncommon to find baby birds, bunnies, or fawns this time of year and although they may seem abandoned, most have their mothers nearby.

The DNR says interrupting nature can have negative impacts on the overall health of the ecosystem. For example, early in their life, fawns will lie in ground cover when their mother is away to help them hide from predators.

If you come across a clearly sick or injured animal, it may be difficult to witness, but it is best to leave them alone. Sick or hurt animals can bite, scratch and spread disease to humans. Contact a rehab professional, or let nature take its course.

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If you see multiple dead, dying, or sick animals in close proximity, contact the DNR.

For what appear to be abandoned animals, animal experts say "If you care, leave it there".




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