Imagine you are driving home from work, it's dark, and you are in a hurry as you had to work later than normal. Then suddenly you hit something. You're thinking to yourself "I didn't see a deer, was it a piece of debris?" You get out and see that it was a 40-pound rock that was in the road, and now you've got a flat tire and messed up front bumper. This is what has been happening in the Lakeville area and the Scott County Sheriff's Office is looking for answers as to who is placing large rocks and pieces of concrete on area roads. 

According to the Star Tribune, several drivers in Lakeville have struck large rocks apparently intentionally placed on a road, causing damage to their vehicles and prompting warnings to be on the lookout.

The rocks have been found along County Road 8 and Dakota Avenue in Lakeville, near a new housing development called Territory and about 5 miles from Interstate 35. The Scott County Sheriff's Office has said that there have been at least 4 reports of rocks or concrete on the road in this area recently.  (Here is the official Scott County Sheriff Office news release on the rocks)

Television stations have had news pieces on it and there are even warnings posted on Facebook. So, for now, be alert when you're driving through this area as there is a delinquent who's up to no good.

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