This is a picture from my combine cab Saturday afternoon. Finally the weather cooperated and everywhere you looked there were combines, grain carts, gravity wagons and trucks in bean fields. It is amazing how the beans were too wet for so long and in a couple days they are so dry you see dust like this. If the weather holds for a couple more days like the forecast is calling for there will not be many beans left in the field!

On days like Saturday I always think about our Dads and Grandfathers. They were harvesting beans with a little combine that was pulled by a tractor. Then they had small self propelled combines with no cabs. They sat on the combine breathing in the dust and crop residue blowing all around them. I do remember plowing in the fall with the John Deere 820 with no cab.

On a cold windy day like Saturday my heated pressurized cab sure was nice. It was tough to listen to the Minnesota Gophers football team embarrass themselves though! Hopefully it will be more fun to listen to the Vikings this afternoon!

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