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Seeing as we're in for a few more really hot, sticky couple of days, you'll probably turn on the air conditioner. But check out the temperature at which RPU recommends setting your thermostat during the summer!

Outside of maybe money issues, few things can be as contentious in a Minnesota household as setting the temperature on your air conditioner or furnace. My wife and I agree on just about all of the main issues in a relationship-- except for setting the temperature on our central air conditioner. We don't get into big arguments, mind you, but while I'm always trying to nudge the temperature down in the summer, my wife usually tries to keep it warmer.

In the summer, if we use our AC (which we try NOT to do too much, though I'd be in favor of turning it on more often) we've agreed to keep it set at 75 degrees. I will admit, though, I sometimes try to nudge it down to 74, or if I'm really warm, maybe 73.

But even at 75 degrees, that's still WAAAY cooler than RPU recommends. In a post on their website, RPU recommends you set your AC thermostat at 78 degrees or higher, they said, "For comfort and efficiency."

Whoa. 78 degrees... OR HIGHER?!? I know I like it pretty cold, but, come one-- 78 degrees (or higher) is pretty warm inside, isn't it? It might be efficient, but it seems to be lacking in the 'comfort' department if you ask me. Heck, if you're going to keep things that warm, why even turn your AC on at all?!? (And even my wife agreed that seems a wee bit high.)

So, what say you-- what temperature is your AC set at during the summer here in southeast Minnesota?

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