It was announced earlier this week that the ride-sharing app Uber would be launching a car renting app that would allow strangers to rent your car for an hourly rate. We decided to ask you if you'd allow a total stranger to rent your care at an hourly rate and the responses we received back won't shock anyone! 

Uber will be partnering with the car-sharing company Getaround for the rental venture. The program is expected to start later this month in San Francisco. And if successful, it could expand to other cities. Here is how you responded to us asking if you would consider renting your car to a stranger for an hourly rate:

TSM: Paul Shea
TSM: Paul Shea

Not surprisingly we famously "Minnesota" nice individuals wanted nothing to do with a stranger using our car.

We even consulted an insurance agent who told us that our insurance on our personal vehicles is automatically voided if we engage in ride-sharing. There is a pretty big insurance policy attached to anyone willing to let a stranger rent their car for a few hours though. All of the cars are covered by Getaround's $1 million insurance policy. That not the only safety piece highlighted in this venture. Another layer of safety that is being undertaken is that when users sign up to be a driver, they have to provide their driver's license, which the company cross-checks with the DMV to ensure they have a clean record.

In case you were wondering about when you let a friend borrow your pick-up to move something, which always happens since you own a pick-up, your insurance covers that driver in case of an accident.

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