I used to live in a neighborhood where there was this brown truck that would always careen down the street at 40 miles per hour. Considering that kids and dogs would often be around, this was a huge tool move. So I can see why it would have been tempting to take the law into my own hands and go Full Batman on the driver of that truck, but I’m totally glad I didn’t after hearing about this!

A man from Buffalo, Minnesota is currently facing a felony charge for spreading nails on the road outside of his house in order to inflict punishment on speedy drivers. He’s accused of damaging more than 100 vehicles (!!!). He was eventually busted after a local car repair shop kept repairing dozens of tires that were punctured by nails. Police were alerted, and after some good ol’ fashioned investigatin’, they caught up to Joseph Kurimay, a 75-year-old man who really doesn’t like it when cars drive by his house, apparently.

If convicted, this guy will face 5 years in prison and a $10,000 fine. In a touch of sweet, delicious irony, he’s apparently been ticketed for speeding several times over the years.

Source: WCCO

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