Yesterday it was announced the Democratic candidate Pete Buttigieg was dropping out of the running for the Democratic nomination for President. Buttigieg at the time of the announcement had secured 26 pledged delegate votes in total. So what happens to them now that he is out of the race? What happens if he gets more, as he will still be on the ballot on Super Tuesday (tomorrow) in all of those states?

In Minnesota, if your precinct awards presidential delegates to a candidate that drops out of the race, those delegates are still bound to that candidate, according to the Minnesota DFL. The exception to this rule is if a dropped out candidate releases their delegates, allowing them to vote freely at the National Convention.

However, if a candidate, like Buttigieg, drops out of the race and then goes on to endorse another active presidential candidate, then those delegates are expected to vote for the candidate the person has endorsed. So if Buttigieg were to endorse Bernie Sanders after he dropped out, his delegates would have to vote for Sanders at the convention, assuming Sanders was still in the race by then.

You can check out below in case you have some questions about voting, where to vote, etc.

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