District 3 Goodhue County Commissioner Barney Nesseth elected not to run for the office again meaning there was going to be a new member of the board.

Todd Greseth of Wanamingo captured 57 percent of votes cast to Keith Allen's 42.7 percent to gain the seat.

Greseth received 3,055 votes, Allen 2,289.

Incumbents were re-elected in Districts 1 and 5.

Both faced challengers.  In District 1 Linda Flanders got 54.6% of the vote, Les Anderson 45%.  Vote totals were 2,561 for Flanders, 2,110 for Anderson.

District 5 results had incumbent Paul Drotos with 2, 978 votes or 71.7 percent and Edward Moritz with 1,154 or 27.8 percent.

Three incumbents were running for the Dodge County Board of Commissioners and all retained their seats.

District 1 and District 4 ran unopposed.  John Allen in District 1 had 2,210 votes.  Rhonda Toquam ins District 4 obtained 1,604 votes.

David Kenworthy kept his District 5 seat by turning back challenger Gregory Klevos 1,407 votes to 794.

Le Sueur County District 1 and 3 Commissioners ran unopposed.  David Gliszinski got 2,570 votes in  District 1 and John King received 2,314 in District 3.

Incumbents were all kept in office on the Steele County Board of Commissioners.  District 5 Commissioner Greg Krueger had no opponent.

District 3 Commissioner Rick Gnemi picked up 63.7 percent or 2,001 votes.  MD Schultz has 1,114 votes cast for him or 35.5 percent.

Jim Abbe kept his District 4 seat with 62.1 percent, 2,560 votes to James "Corky" Ebeling's 37.3 percent or 1,539.

Wabasha County has a new District 1 Commissioner.  Incumbent Rich Hall elected not to run.  Robert Walkes gains the seat with 1,574 or 64.8 percent of votes cast.  Marcella Kahn had 34.6 percent or 842 votes

District 3 Commissioner Donald Springer keeps his seat after receiving 50.7 percent of votes cast, 1,167 votes compared to challenger Eugene Brent McNallan with 48.9 percent or 1,125 votes.

Waseca County had two commissioners run unopposed.  District 1 Commissioner Douglas Christopherson had 1,826 votes.  District 2 Commissioner Brian Harguth 1,923 votes.

Dakota County has a new face on the County Board.  District 3 Commissioner Thomas Egan did not run and is replaced by Laurie Halverson with 62.5 percent, 19,757 votes.  Diane Anderson had 36.8 percent, 11,631 votes.

Incumbent Chris Gerlach in District 7 was ousted by challenger Mary Hamann-Roland.  Roland had 57.2 percent of the vote, 17,787 votes. Gerlach 42.3 percent or 13,138.

Incumbents Joe Atkins and Liz Workman were unopposed in Districts 4 and 5.



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