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There was so much build-up to Election Day and now that it's over Minnesota law says we have to get rid of those political signs in our yards. Actually, we have only 10 days after the general election to get rid of them.

I knew there was some sort of rule as to how long you're allowed to leave political signs in your yard but I wasn't sure the exact date. According to Minnesota Statutes 211B.045 we've got 10 days after the election, so by Friday, November 13th they need to be gone.

Also from this Statute, I learned that you can't put out political signs too early either. Did you know that? You can put out your political signs starting "46 days before the state primary in a state general election year". So for this year, the primary was August 11th which meant we could put out signs beginning June 26th. I had no idea that was a rule. Then again, I have never put out a political sign so I guess it makes sense why I wouldn't know.

So long story short, make sure to get those political signs out of your yard by next Friday, the 13th! I'm going to be honest, I've been digging around and can't quite find what the penalty would be if you don't remove your signs in time. I would assume the police or someone would knock on your door, ask you to remove the sign, and if you don't maybe fine you or something? That's my guess is you would get a fine. But if you know the answer, let me know!

I know it's after Election Day now but the political terms below are still ones we should know for the future! Take a look.

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