You had a great meal. Things are properly stored. But the next day, you go to the refrigerator and ask yourself the question. What should I make with this now?

The leftover eggs are easy. Just eat them, or use them in my personal favorite, egg salad. A little mayo or salad dressing and touch of mustard and you are good to go. For a change you could add a little celery, or sometimes my mom put in a little pickle relish to change it up. Or make potato salad, or maybe even creamed eggs on toast.

Now the ham. Freeze some for sandwiches, or make a breakfast quiche, maybe ham tetrazzini. Just reheat and maybe serve up different sides from the ones you had on Sunday? There are a lot of different things you can do.

I just searched today with Easter dinner leftovers and got a bunch of ideas. One of my favorite sites is There are many great ideas. And most don't take a lot of time. But with prices the way they are, it's better to get another meal or two out of those leftovers than to let them go to waste. Besides, the more good food you eat, the less leftover candy you will be working on.

Bochkarev Photography thinkstock
Bochkarev Photography thinkstock


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