We hear it quite often that our furry friends are members of the family. And they are. They are camera friendly, too. So, what are your pets doing?

Eating? Sleeping? How do they get into some of those sleeping positions, all twisted and turned this way and that way. They sit with us and comfort us. They want to know what we are doing so they can help. Some like to supervise. And there is no way to get mad at that face no matter what they do.

Do you have more than one pet? Maybe a cat and a dog, couple of kitties or puppies. When we adopted kitty cat George, we were told he is an only cat. But it seems he is okay with a buddy, "a little sibling." I think that's how they act, sometimes they get along and other times somewhat annoyed with each other.

Either way, our furry friends can be funny. Jumping up to get that toy, making us aware of someone at the door, and getting that burst of energy that they just start running and running some more. Then ready to eat.

I asked family and friends to send me pictures of their pets. If you would like to send in your pet photos, feel free. We will put them on our website, too.

Hug your pet, they deserve it.