This week it was reported Minnesota Twins outfielder Byron Buxton would be out a few days following a root canal after he chipped a tooth while eating a steak in Fort Meyers, Florida.

I remember hearing about many weird, bizzarre, wacky, zany injuries professional athletes have suffered over the years and a number of them are from Minnesota.

Not saying that means anything.  It's just a fact.

  • Former Vikings wide receiver and now NFL broadcaster Nate Burleson when he was with the Detroit Lions was injured in a car crash in 2013.  He was trying to save a pizza from sliding off the passenger side front seat, turned the steering wheel of his 2009 Yukon and hit the median breaking his arm.
  • Former Minnesota Twins pitcher Francisco Liriano missed action after breaking his arm while trying to knock on a door attempting to playfully frighten his kids in a nearby room on Christmas Day 2012. this was reported in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.  It had been said he slipped and fell in the bathroom causing the injury.  His contract with the Pirates was reworked because of it with some stay healthy incentives.
  • Former Minnesota Timberwolves player Derrick Rose had 10 stitches in his arm after trying to slice an apple in bed and cutting himself when he was a member of the Chicago Bulls.
  • Former Minnesota Twins player (Rookie of the Year in fact) Marty Cordova missed time in 2002 with the Baltimore Orioles when he suffered severe sunburn to his face after falling asleep in a tanning bed.
  • Atlanta Braves pitcher Tom Glavine suffered from food poisoning in 1992 and broke a rib while vomiting.
  • Braves pitcher John Smoltz claims it's not true that he tried to iron a shirt while it was on him and burned his chest.  The report came out in 1990 and in 1996 Smoltz told the Sporting News, "That got credited (to me) 6 years ago and it never left me.  Ironing my shirt while it was on, that's the most absurd thing.  It was made up.  But it got on Arenio Hall, CNN, everywhere."
  • In 1994 the New York Times reported Charles Barkley burned his corneas when he rubbed body lotion into his eyes during an Eric Clapton concert and that's why he was going to miss the season opener for the Phoenix Suns.
  • Sacramento Kings player Lionel Simmons missed some games during his 1991 rookie season after suffering tendinitis dur to playing too much GameBoy.
  • Pitcher Steve Sparks was trying to make the Milwaukee Brewers team during spring training in 1994.  He was injured while trying to rip a phone book in half and dislocating his shoulder.
  • In the mid 1970's Jose Cardenal left a game with the Chicago Cubs when his eyelid got stuck open and he couldn't blink.  Cardenal missed a game earlier in his career because he said crickets kept him awake in his hotel room all night.
  • Major League baseball player GlenAllen Hill spent 20 days on the disabled list after he alleged ran into a glass table while sleeprunning from spiders he said were chasing him in a dream.
  • It's not just in modern times these wacky things have happened.  In 1923 it was reported that rookie Red Sox pitcher Clarence Blethen thought he was more intifidating on the mound with his false teeth out.  He put them in his back pocket.  During a game he forgot to put them in his mouth while batting and his teeth bit him in the buttocks while sliding into second base.  He was removed from the game for excessive bleeding.

My personal favorite on this list (and there are many others I found also) is the story about Arizona Diamondbacks pitcher Brian Anderson.  In 1998 he burned the side of his face while testing a iron to see if it was hot. That's what he told Honestly, would you admit to such a thing?

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