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Minnesotan, Zach Carlson, is in the middle of what looks like a huge project right now. He's working on turning an old school bus into a year-round livable RV for him and his family. It's going to be so cool once it's all complete but I can't imagine all of the work that needs to go into this kind of project.

Zach is a carpenter so he's much more qualified to do this school bus project than I would be! He talked to FOX 9 about his big project and said he's already ripped out the windows, seats, and ceiling panels.


This bus is going to be decked out. Zach plans on putting in spray foam insulation, a furnace, a bathroom with a shower, oven and sink in the kitchen, everything that you'd need for an extended vacation practically anywhere!

He told FOX 9 that the idea for this project came about 5 years ago when he saw how cheap old school buses were being sold for. Over this past summer, he finally got one of his own for just $1,200. The only thing Zach wishes is that he had more time to work on this project. He's hoping to have it all complete by this fall.

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