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It was another scary moment when a semi lost control on an icy overpass in Minnesota and crashed into a police car.

We've all heard many times how winter driving in Minnesota requires you to slow down, but this video PROVES how treacherous driving in the winter can be if you're going too fast in icy conditions.

If you've lived in the Land of 10,000 (Snow-and-Ice-Covered) Lakes for any length of time, you know how to drive in the cold, snow, and ice, right? Those winter conditions require you to slow down, increase your stopping distance, and be extra aware, especially on overpasses and bridges, which tend to ice over much faster than other parts of the highway.

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Not everyone heeds those warnings, though, as the Twitter page MN Crime-Police/Fire/EMS points out. Such was the case recently during Minnesota's late-season spring snowstorm. While most of the Gopher State didn't get as much snow as extreme southeast Minnesota and Wisconsin, conditions were still treacherous across much of the state Sunday night.

Especially in the Twin Cities metro, where this video was recorded. It's taken from MnDOT traffic cameras which show State Patrol troopers on the scene of a crash along I-694 near the I-35E in Little Canada.

Watch as a semi hits the extremely icy overpass, slides, and then crashes directly into the State Patrol squad car already stopped. The semi ends up in the ditch, and two more trucks right slip and slide their way past directly afterward, though they were lucky enough not to crash.

Luckily, there were apparently no injuries reported in either crash! Bridges and overpasses that ice up quickly ARE a hazard during the fall, spring and winter in Minnesota, and so are collisions with animals. Keep scrolling to see how likely you are to hit an animal in each state.

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