Winter is officially here with one of our first major snowfalls falling on Sunday night into Monday. It is mid-November so it's not unusual that we are seeing snow but it definitely isn't easy when it happens. Ha!

The Old Farmer's Almanac was forecasting a pretty snowy month for the Twin Ports, although you have to take what they say with a grain of salt. According to their predictions, snow can be expected off and on throughout all of November. It's pretty likely this is the start of another brutal winter season for us.

The National Weather Service says we are bracing for another La Niña winter, which typically means a bit more snow and colder temperatures. That means this is one of many systems we will be seeing over the next few months.

Now, with our first few snowfalls behind us, it's best to start winterizing your home and all other things that need to be winterized right now, if you haven't already! Another great thing to brush up on? Winter driving!

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No matter how long you've lived in Minnesota, we all forget how to manage the elements when winter rolls around. There is always a little bit of an adjustment period and usually a few minor crashes when the first snow falls.

This was the case on Monday (November 14th). A Twitter account I follow shared several scary videos throughout the course of the morning to keep people informed on crashes and road conditions across the state.

One they shared in particular really caught my attention for how incredibly harrowing it is! Thankfully, nobody got hurt and the driver seemingly got out unscathed but wow, is the video intense.

The clip is only eleven seconds but for the driver, it likely felt like a lifetime. The clip shows a driver on a very icy road spinning in several circles while dodging cars traveling on the same stretch. It was posted by @SafetyAlertsMN, which shares alerts regarding roads across the state.

The video is so insane that it is hard to watch at times. It goes without saying that we should all give ourselves extra time to get to our destination this time of the year (which is easier said than done) and slow down as much as possible. We will all get through another Minnesota winter together but let's not be stupid!

By the way, it looks like snow will remain in the forecast for the foreseeable future so use plan accordingly. If you're like me, you may also need to set an extra alarm so you have time to scrape the snow off your car. Sigh.

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