30 Reasons Why Winters is the Most Hated Season in Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois, and Wisconsin

When I walked out of my house this morning, my car was completely covered in snow.  And yes, I am well aware that I live in Rochester, Minnesota and I should have prepared better for the white flakes that fell from the sky.  However, I am in full denial that winter is here and if I keep saying that I hate it, maybe it will just go away.  Ok, I doubt it.  But when I shared my hate towards this season I found out that I wasn't the only one in Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois, and Wisconsin that despised winter.  I know because people told me what they hated the most.

30 Things People in Minnesota, Iowa, and Wisconsin Hate About Winter

When you think of the Midwestern states like Minnesota, Iowa, and Wisconsin, some people immediately think that we are freezing all the time. That's not 100% true, just about 56% true. In fact, being cold and freezing is something that most of us don't really appreciate about the winter months. That's not the only thing that we despise though. Check out the rest and see how may you give a thumbs up to.

What do you despise most about winters in Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois, and Wisconsin?

I got quite a few answers from people locally that matched a survey that was done by Heat Holders, but if one is missing, let me know! Sending me a message on Instagram or on my Facebook page - Jessica On The Radio.


11 of the Most Devasting Weather Disasters Through The Years

I really hope we don't have another blizzard and storm like the Polar Vortex a few years ago.  That was BRUTAL.  But that's not the only storm that has caused massive issues in Minnesota.  Look through the list and see some of the top weather disasters in our state throughout the years.  Some of these you might even remember!

11 of the Most Devastating Weather Disasters in Minnesota Throughout The Years

We might be full of lakes and "nice" but Minnesota has had its fair share of horrible and nasty weather. Throughout the years we've had floods, fires, storms that have crushed stadium roofs flat, and tornadoes that have destroyed lives.

And just in case you haven't stocked up on that winter gear yet...I got you!

11 Places in Rochester Where You Can Buy Winter Coats and Gear

Now that the word "snow" is being teased everywhere by meteorologists, parents are scrambling to find all the winter gear for their kids. Kids grow and usually need at least one new item every year while they keep growing. After the pandemic, there might even be a few adults that had a little "growth spurt" and now their winter gear doesn't fit either. If you are needing to know where to go in Rochester, Minnesota to find coats, boots, and snow pants, use this list to find what you need before the snow starts piling up.

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