On Saturday the Chisago County Sheriff's Office got a call about a bald eagle that was stuck in a swamp. Deputy Finnegan responded to the call and was able to save the bald eagle!

When he got there it looked like the bald eagle had an injured wing and was stuck in "a flooded, wooded area" according to Bring Me the News. The Chisago County Sheriff's Office posted about the encounter including a video of the rescue on their Facebook page.

In the post, they say that Deputy Finnegan put on welding gloves and grabbed a blanket to get the eagle. The eagle attempted to get away but got stuck. Eventually, Deputy Finnegan was able to get the bald eagle, wrap it in the blanket and get it in his squad car.

Bring Me the News writes that they got in contact with the Parrot Adoption Education Program in Forest Lake. The people at this program were then able to help get the eagle to the University of Minnesota Raptor Center.

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