Have you seen an airshow involving the Thunderbirds and/or the Blue Angels?

Getty Images

There was an airshow in St. Cloud a number of years ago, and I've seen them in a few other cities.  But nothing like this.

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President Trump has given the go-ahead for the Thunderbirds and Blue Angles to do flyovers all over the country in the coming weeks to honor the healthcare workers working on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic.

"Operation America Strong was the idea of our great military men and women," Mr. Trump said. "The Thunderbirds and the Blue Angels crews who wanted to show support to the American medical workers, who just like military members in a time of war are fiercely running forward the fight."  

The flyovers will be planned for some hot-spot cities such as New York, Washington, Balitmore, Newark, Trenton, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Houston, Austin and Dallas.  There could be up to 30 cities included.  Apparently the Pentagon is waiting on approval from the White House, then the scheduled fly-overs will begin.

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