Our meteorologists at the Weather Eye Weather Center tell us that over the next 5 days, SE MN will be the the hottest its been in the past 4 years.  Temperatures will surpass 90 degrees, leaving people and pets at severe risk.


Did you know, when temps get this warm the inside of your vehicle can reach 140 degrees?  That can mean leaving people, children, and certainly pets inside can result in severe organ damage or death.  It is going to be HOT this weekend, and that also means our furry friends will need lots of food and water to stay hydrated when they are playing outside. Maybe they won't even want to go outside because of the heat, but whenever the sun is shining, my brother's dog has a difficult time staying inside.

Here are some tips to keep your pet cool and comfortable from Pet MD:

  • Beat the sun by playing with your pets in the morning or late evenings! It is much cooler and comfortable!
  • Find some shade if you are out midday with your pet! The pads on their paws can burn, just like your bare feet! Leave them inside if possible.
  • The more water the better! You pets need to stay hydrated when it hits the high temperature of 95 on Saturday!
  • Leave your dog at home if possible. A vehicle can reach 140 degrees when the sun is beating down on it!

There you have it, do everything you can to stay cool, and don't forget about your pets, either!

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