After a couple weeks of cooler than normal weather, this past week was the exact opposite. Yes, the other shoe dropped! Temperatures averaged 72.4 degrees and that was 7.2 degrees above normal. The wet turned to dry, too. Rainfall totaled only .01 inches, 1.03 inches below normal. What ever happened to a happy medium? It seems we have one extreme or the other! Growing degree units accumulated last week were 147. That was a whopping 40 percent above normal. Since May 1, we have received 456.5 growing degree units or 4 percent above normal.

Last year this week was very close to normal as temperatures averaged 64.3 degrees and we received .61 inches of rain. Last year at this time we had received 468 growing degree units. This year it rained nine straight days from May 15 to May 24. Now in the past two weeks we have received only .06 inches of rain. This weather information is taken from the official weather station at the Southern Research and Outreach Center at Waseca. It sure is nice to have that weather station so close to the farm and also Tom Hoverstad at the Southern Research and Outreach Center at Waseca, who keeps track of it all!

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