Thursday afternoon I was out to the farm cleaning out the sprayer getting ready to spray corn for the second time. When you are changing crops you are spraying and herbicides the sprayer needs to be "triple rinsed." Most of the time I just use water but sometimes depending on the herbicide you also put a tank cleaner in with the water. When you are cleaning the tank you also flush the sprayer boom with water.

I was standing beside the tractor as I was pumping water through the boom and noticed this rainbow! How many people can say they created their own rainbow? The water mist coming from the sprayer nozels on a clear day made this rainbow. The sun must have been at just the right angle. I have rinsed the spray many times over the decades and never noticed a rainbow before! Now I know exactly where to dig for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. I just need to figure out which end!

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