Much of the ice on area lakes was already in short supply this year with our unusual winter. Now with some higher temperatures in the forecast through the weekend, you need to use caution.

The Rice County Sheriff's Office is not banning people from going out, but you need to be careful. If you care not sure about the condition of ice on a lake, check with the locals to find out where you should and shouldn't go. I'd definitely be leery of taking out anything bigger than an ATV.

There is still some ice fishing time left. But be aware with temperatures in the 40s and 50s forecast for the next couple of days, along with some showers, there will probably be a lot of water on top of the ice and you need to use common sense. Don't put yourself and those who may have to come out and rescue you in danger. Play it safe. If you are not sure about ice conditions and you cannot get info, don't go.

Ice Fishing

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