Warmer temperatures are here. A welcome thing since the snow of two weekends ago. I gave a strong message to my sister in Port Wing, Wi., to keep the snow that was falling there in Wisconsin. I am done with it.

But this will now be bad for people around the office, my grandson and my daughter and others who suffer from allergies. The pollen count is expected to jump-starting Saturday. In particular the elm and poplar trees. Monday through Wednesday will provide just as high levels, with elm and maple trees being the main culprits.

Because spring is getting off to a late start, we are getting hit kind of all at once. In a normal year, high levels of tree pollen are produced from mid-March to mid-May, but it may be a longer season due to its start in late April. And some windy conditions on Sunday will not help the scenario.

Stock up on tissue, your favorite allergy medication and enjoy the warmer weather.

Some areas of the state are going to have to watch out for wildfires breaking out. Warm temperatures near 80 Monday and Tuesday. Cooling to 60s rest of the week. And there is a chance of rain each day.

Happy kids hugging toggether

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